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Through imparting value based education, National Public School with its unique infrastructural facilities and meticulous attention aims at promoting integrated development of children with strict discipline and academic excellence. The many thousands who pass through its hallowed portals are amply equipped with the capability to meet the challenges of the times. Not only academic but also the co-curricular and extra curricular activities pursued here help the student community cope up with the trends and developments of any time in any society. The school which has classes from the Play class to Senior Secondary is a sister concern of the very reputed Rose dale School, Polayathode, Kollam started on 1st June 2005, under the management of “National Educational Society” founded by an eminent educator to the core Mr. K.K. Shajahan , has become a beacon of hope for all aspirants of career excellence. The farsighted vision and loving patronage Mr. K.K Shajahan has enabled the school to elevate itself to exceptional heights and enviable position among the various other schools of the district. The prestige it commands today is nothing but the joint effort of the able stewardship of the Chairman and a team of skilled, well qualified dedicated and sincere teachers.


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Nazim Sain


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